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Soho Estates Headquarters

Award-winning workspace in Soho



Soho Estates


700 sqm






FX International Interior Design, Winner


Chris Snook


The new headquarters for Soho Estates, a 7,500 sqft space, is located on the top floor of Ilona Rose House, Soho Estates' latest regeneration project on the edge of Soho. This office would be the company’s first purpose-built and designed space, having historically occupied existing buildings across Soho.

The client brief was to create a dynamic and flexible workspace that encouraged movement and interaction. The space needed to project the family brand, be inviting and delightful to clients, colleagues, and collaborators. A space that captures the spirit of Soho - vibrant, colourful, with character - encouraging personal inventiveness and creativity.

As a family-owned and family-run business, the design blurs the line between home and workplace. Using material, texture, colour, and attention to detail. A series of comfortable and familiar spaces are created, alongside a variety of private and collaborative work settings.

To suit working preference or the particular task in hand, employees are able to choose from desk work, high stools, small tables, sofas, private booths, private offices, meeting rooms, and a boardroom. To facilitate agile and collaborative working Soho Estates implemented an office-wide technology upgrade. The use of laptops removes desk ownership and encourages staff to work around the office and facilitates remote working.

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