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Zurich Insurance

Sustainable building provides more than 100,000 sqft of office space across six floors in Swindon



Zurich Insurance


12,000 sqm








Fred Howarth


''A wonderful wonderful building!

I have worked in many buildings around the world and can honestly say that I've never found a better building in which to connect and collaborate.''

Tim Bailey

CEO, Zurich UK

Zurich Insurance have been a key presence in Swindon for many years.

When considering a new home they felt it important that they maintained their presence and used the opportunity to move their workplace in a new direction.

We were tasked with designing the future of workplace for Zurich in the UK, whilst simultaneously providing a rejuvenated presence for Zurich as a major employer in Swindon. In turn the building would act as a catalyst for the long-awaited regeneration of Swindon.

Externally we integrated a highly visible ground floor with regenerated public space and landscaping that will tie into the masterplan. Internally the vision is to provide an office space very different to that seen in the Zurich portfolio.

This exciting approach will be visible externally and with other Zurich

initiatives will hopefully have a positive effect on the surrounding spaces and

local community.

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