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City Tower Baltic

A site with the potential for significant high-rise development at the Baltic Exchange



Baltic Exchange


11,200 sqm (143 key) of 35,000 sqm overall development


Hotel/ Office




The Baltic Exchange site lies within the “Eastern Cluster”. Located in the east part of the City, it is a distinctive element in the skyline, characterised by an inner array of taller buildings, surrounded by a series of less tall buildings.

The Eastern Cluster contains the greatest density of businesses and jobs in the Square Mile. In the future, it is expected to keep on growing in order to accommodate an even larger workforce, and therefore the development of tall buildings is considerably less constrained.

The site location of the Baltic Exchange at 38 St Mary's Axe has the potential for significant high-rise development.

We proposed a hotel and office mixed-use development to illustrate how an imaginative re-use of the site could unlock this potential.

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