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The Forge

''The Hillock'' - a maker space





0.4 ha (site)




Live/Work space


The Forge is located on New Way Lane to the southeast of Hurstpierpoint.

The site area is approximately 0.4 hectares and lies just within the northern boundary of the South Downs National Park.

We developed our 'Hillock' design for a timber grid shell structure - designed to echo the rolling forms of the neighbouring countryside and showcase the fabrication potential of the 5-axis CNC machine we intend to install within the building.

The new Forge building will provide a world-class bespoke 'maker' space for MATT Architecture alongside storage facilities for the studio's model and building materials archive. While requiring relatively few staff - the enlarged footprint is required to accommodate specialist machinery (e.g. 5 axis CNC machinery, large format laser cutters, and 3D printers).

In line with emerging new workplace trends, The Forge will also provide MATT Architecture with a rural studio - working in tandem with its Leicester Square base to provide a range of different work settings for its staff, enhancing well-being, productivity, and collaboration while also providing enhanced high-value local employment opportunities for Hurstpierpoint and its environs.

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