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The Old Motor Car Showrooms

Converting an old Art-Deco style ‘home for cars’ into new ‘homes for people’



Columbia Threadneedle


5,500 sqm


Residential-led Mixed Use


Planning Approved


Somewhere amongst the retail detritus currently on this site is a locally listed landmark, built in the Art-Deco style in 1935, at a time when the motor car was applauded as modern and glamorous!

The original building boasted a restaurant, a roof garden, and an orchestra stage and was celebrated at the time as ‘Kent’s finest motor garage’.

Now it’s a ‘Wickes’, and probably not ‘Kent’s finest’ one either.

Our design restores the best bits of the original building and then mirrors its ‘streamlined’ 1930s elevation around an existing central brick drum - to create a symmetrical façade that greatly enhances the civic presence of the site.

The scheme creates 61 new apartments and sweeps away years of unsympathetic extensions, alterations, and mobile telecoms infrastructure – to provide, once again, a forward-looking building that locals can be proud of.

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