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Fishing Lodge

Award-winning design for a sustainable House for a Fly Fisherman in Long Parish





600 sqm






Dezeen Awards 2022, Winner


''A solution to a real world problem, innovatively marrying the man made with the natural, and drawing inspiration directly from the fly fisherman's needs.''

Dezeen Awards 2022

Bridging the Test River in Hampshire, this private dwelling is designed for a keen trout fly-fisherman - and is designed to leave as little impact on the site as possible.

Dancing around all manner of constraints ranging from an SSSI exclusion zone, to legal restraints and all manner of planning protections - the house is designed as entirely off-grid building which 'kisses' the ground in only four locations - on removable stainless steel screw piles.

The client is highly security conscious and the building is designed to transform from a bridge to a cocoon with drawbridges at either end that can be closed up like the tail of a Hercules Military Transport aircraft.

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