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Ilona Rose House

The largest new office building in Soho



Soho Estates


31,000 sqm


Mixed Use




£100m (Shell and Core)


''This new home for our team of multi-award winning talent will bring another level of service to the post production world in London. The size and quality of the stages are exceptional.''

Kim Waugh
Executive Vice President, Worldwide Post Production Creative Services for Warner Bros.

Ilona Rose House is a new-build mixed-use project spread over 13 floors, including 4 below ground. The project is currently on site and includes lots of highly decorative, bespoke, pre-cast concrete façade panels (clipped on to a standard unitised curtain wall system of course!) – for which we’ve printed many of the pre-production moulds ourselves, in Leicester Square.

A quarter of the 4-storey basement is naturally lit - and will be the new home for Warner Brother’s European Postproduction Studios - including a double height, tiered, 60-seat sound editing theatre.

On the upper floors we’ve been able to create over 14,000sqft of south-west facing terraces, the hanging gardens of Soho if you like, which will provide external amenity space for every single level of office.

More than a sixth of the (nearly) 1-acre site is given over to public spaces – which are lined with restaurants, cafes, shops and a nightclub to create a lively and generous new destination within Soho.

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