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Body Worlds

A collection of permanently preserved human anatomy: Prime exhibition space in Piccadilly



Body Worlds


2,500 sqm


Museum/ Exhibition




You probably know what ‘Body Worlds’ is already but if you don’t - go and visit - it's extraordinary. A collection of permanently preserved human anatomy.

Body Worlds London occupies over 28,000 sqft of prime exhibition space making it, globally, their largest permanent exhibition space. The location is fantastic directly facing Piccadilly Circus in the London Pavilion, a Grade II listed building at the south end of Shaftesbury Avenue.

The construction programme was just nine weeks for a seven-floor fit–out. Our design stripped back the interior spaces to reveal the ‘skeleton’ of the building to visitors.

This idea is extended into the design of new bespoke furniture which is made up of stacked sections of computer–machined plywood to create larger forms of desking and display space shaped like human bones.

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