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Southwark Street

Mixed-use concept development in Southwark





3,200 sqm


Mixed Use




Southwark Street is a proposal for a Ground plus 15-storey mixed–use development in Southwark, London. It is, however, not a tall building.

The scale of the building marks a vista created by its significant civic position at the end of a pedestrian route to the new rear entrance for the Tate Modern extension. The building form is a deliberately ambitious response to the world-class architecture emerging in its surrounding context.

The ground floor presents active street frontage to Southwark Street and reinforces the pedestrian link to the Tate. Six floors above provide 800sqm of prime office space and above this, a double-height restaurant/bar halfway up the building capitalises on the fantastic framed view across the river to St Paul’s Cathedral. The bar area is acknowledged in the profile of the building which has a ‘cut–out’ — giving the building a specific and unique identity while also creating a public terrace that exploits the elevated views. Each of the floors above provides a single luxury apartment, with a sleek glazed façade offering panoramic views across the whole city.

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